Video - (single channel video 4:43" - 2019)

I have been doing research on filming in slow motion for about 2 years - I usually film commuters, a long term interest of mine  - and decided to use my favourite footage to learn how to use Adobe Premier and AfterEffects;
 – I’m interested in slow motion and commuters because life in the city looks like a ballet – specially during rush hour: a performance that the slow-motion can capture in all the details.
– I am intrigued by how some people hurry, others take their time but in the end everybody gets to their destination – I assume – and how the commuters deal with boredom whilst waiting for the trains.
– I have the habit of creating a story for people in restaurants, specially if they are a couple. I like to watch their body language and come up with what their conversations might be.
My intention was to play with the timing to the slow motion footage, the train and the commuters on the platform. It is a perfect example of Special Relativity. I am on a train, filming the opposite platform as I arrive. Due to the speed of the train versus the speed of the filming, the motions sometimes don’t look altered.
Adding people’s thoughts, fiction dialogues and adding the occasional news in a variety of different timings, would confuse the perception of the audience/viewer even further.
Working with the speed of the texts allowed an extra layer of playfulness. One can’t never really read all the text shown in the video. A comment on the feeling of missing out – FOMO – that is becoming a trend nowadays.

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