Video Installation (4:43min video and black insulating tape on wall) - 2020

Life in the city looks like a ballet – specially during rush hour: a performance that the slow-motion can capture in all its details. 
On a snowy morning, passing by Brockley Overground Station in the South London, a perfect example of Special Relativity happens. I am on a train, watching the commuters at the opposite platform as I arrive. Observing their presentness and guessing their thinking my inner speed is different from theirs. We feel time in a different way.
The camera helps to convey that different velocity. Due to the speed of the train versus the speed of the filming, the motions sometimes don’t look altered.
Adding people’s thoughts, fiction dialogues and the occasional news in a variety of different timings, confuses the perception of the audience/viewer even further.
Working with the speed of the texts allowed an extra layer of playfulness. One can’t never really read all the text shown in the video. A comment on the feeling of missing out – FOMO – that is becoming a trend nowadays.

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