S02-B0106 and S02-B0206 installation overview - Berlin, 2006

Part of “Project Simultaneity” a site-specific project about connecting spatial, historical and political aspects of a place.  
S02-B0106 shows 72 clocks aligned in rows representing the world time zones. The blue tape on some particular clocks demarcate the position of New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo (the official name of the gallery) and Berlin itself .
S02-B0206 is made out of blue insulating tape on the floor. The grid is the world time zone and the crosses also represent the cities that name the gallery. Plus, by Berlin there is the GPS coordinates.
The two works (S02-B0106 and S02-B0206) try to show that time has always played tricks on us. According to Nietzsche time is absolute, there is no existence beyond it and we can not escape it. Humanity has always tried to control time, since the beginning of civilisation we found different tools to achieve that, but even before the XVIII century we could not tell the time precisely in Tokyo, New York or Berlin. When John Harrison solved the quest for longitude and the timezone system was created humanity imprisoned itself into time forever. 
Now GPS can tell us the precise place we are by finding the longitude and latitude reading. The longitude and latitude create an invisible net that resembles the Ariadne's thread inside the Minotaur's Labyrinth: we are always able to know where we are. 
S02-B0106 - dimension variable: 72 alarm clocks and blue insulating tape on floor
S02-B0206 - dimension variable: blue insulating tape on floor

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