FROM WATER - installation view (video documentation)

Remembering From Water
Floating in another sphere
There and also here
then and now
Every river I have known, each journey, every swim
the womb
Embedded in the Egg
Silent echoes and invisible ripples
of magic water, a world and just a second away
"Stephen Turner"

I connected to the sounds of the water with my eye closed, letting images pass through my mind. At first I heard not water but the sound of wind through the trees. A sense of calm passing over me. As the sounds got louder my thoughts transferred into a more transcendental feeling, almost psychedelic.
FROM WATER was commissioned by Bow Arts and funded by Art Council England.
FROM WATER - an immersive video installation that invites the public to contemplate water from inside Stephen Turner's Exbury Egg as part of his project 'Natura Prima’ Thamesmead - Venice 2019-21. 
Before the egg there is water. We all come from water and the video installation makes a link between Thamesmead, Tello/Girsu (Iraq), Treviso (Italy), and Santos (Brazil) - where Dani Tagen was born. These four places have a very close connection with the artist: they are all places she has lived - even if temporally. They all have an intrinsic connection with water and also represent milestones in her life. 
FROM WATER emphasises the connections we, as human beings, have with one another and water. 
The video installation moving images and soundscapes portray the water movements, tides and wave ripples from Thamesmead waters. 
FROM WATER is a place of wonder. Where one goes inside to lose track of time and reconnect with nature.
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