Views from Above (no borders) - Hong Kong, China & Austin,USA

Series: Views from Above (no borders) - San Antonio, USA & Rikaze, China (Fine Art Giclée Prints - 2017)
Series: Nautical Perspectives - English Channel Traffic (film on lightbox - 2016) 
Series: Project Platform - Spring (video-still) 2016
Series: Project Platform -Summer (video-still) 2016
Plugs by the Window, 2015 - 139ArtSpace, London
Series: Plug Drawings - Zatl1A, Vienna (site-specific installation, black insulating tape on wall, 2014)

Golden Plug - UK (gilded UK plug - 2014)

Series: Plug Drawings - Swan Wharf, Hackney WickEd Festival, LondonSeries (site-specific installation, black insulating tape on wall, 2013)

Mirror, Mirror (film and mirror 2013)

Series: White Plugs - MOC (embossed Foamex, 2013)

Series: White Plugs - TLA (embossed Foamex, 2013)

Series: Plug Drawings - OpenZone, MistyMoon Gallery - London (site-specific installation, black insulating tape on wall, 2012)

 Series: A Century-ish Ago - Digital (Fine Art Giclée Print - 2012)

 Series: A Century-ish Ago - Application (Fine Art Giclée Print - 2012)

Series: Mobile Phone - I (embossed Airdogh and biro drawing, 2011)

Series: Mobile Phone - II (embossed Airdogh and pencil drawing, 2011)

The Magnifying Power of Time (magnifying glass, hour glass - 2011)


1&0s (installation, paper - 2010)

This is the documentation of an awful accident, which took place in a two stars Michelin restaurant in London, in 2009.A glass of Petrus 1988, the most expensive red wine in the world - over £900 a bottle - was spilt over a guest cotton napkin by the premise's maitre who was not sacked but is still paying for the debt.

The Serviette (cotton napkin, vintage frame, paper, wine - 2009)

Unsaved Drawing
Unsaved Drawing - video (still) - 2007

Project Simultaneity at Gallery NYRT, Berlin (site-specific installation - blue insulating tape, 171 clocks, 2006)

Project Simultaneity - Hebraica Train Station , Sao Paulo (photography and paper, 2005)

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