Installation show - 2020

Since 9/11, airports introduced security checks to prevent further plane-highjacks and bombs to be boarded into airplanes. The security measures changed over time, but eventually a standard emerged world-wide. 
Ever since, when flying, our hand-luggage and anything we carry in our pockets are inspected by sophisticated x-rays machines that scrutinise our belongings. 
Trays full of our private possessions go through conveyer belts as we go through a metal detector gate.
Like a performance, we all know what to do and how to behave. Unfortunately, we never see the x-ray images nor can we take photos of the encounter.
The world has got used to it. It is part of the travel experience.
It’s been 18 years since the lines between public and private life started to blur. 

Privacy: Interrupted - installation (video, tray, shoes, passport, keys, coins) - 2020

detail of tray with objects from Privacy: Interrupted - 2020

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