"OUT OF THE ABYSS" is a visual exploration that revisits the locales described by Jack London in his book "People of the Abyss", with a particular focus on capturing the essence of East London. 
Shot entirely on 16mm black and white film, the film boasts an array of unique elements such as in-camera editing, triple exposure, time-lapse sequences, slow-motion shots, and deliberately out-of-focus imagery. 
It opens with a poem I wrote and declaim and is accompanied by experimental sound recordings that align with my longstanding practice of utilising low-tech methods to yield exceptional outcomes. 
In an era saturated with hyper-sharp and digitally altered visuals, I believe there is a compelling invitation in returning to more traditional mediums and experimental techniques. This return offers viewers a chance to engage in a more contemplative and immersive cinematic experience.
"OUT OF THE ABYSS" isn't just a film; it's a reflection on the complexities of life itself. Just like in life, we apparently know what we are doing but the outcome is always unpredictable. 
"OUT OF THE ABYSS" was produced thanks to the support of Four Corners and the Foyle Foundation as part of the FATHOM Developing Programme under the mentorship of William Raban.
Apparent aimless walking
Looking for the next place to crash
The city swirls as the mind lingers
The invisible people are vestiges of the living
Consuming the city noises
As the next stop feels like home
The heart beats with the feet
The city grows, change comes
Same places but different takes
 by Dani Tagen


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