Mobile Phones II (print - 2011)

Mobile Phones series is a combination of print & object. It is a mixture of moulding, casting, etching and printing. The chosen process was deliberate in order to confront many everyday actions related to mobile phone usage:

- The use of “Air Dough” is to obtain an instant casting appearance of the face of any mobile phone without leaving marks on the device. However, the imprecise time for air-drying it contradicts the spontaneity of the process and the precision of mobile phone technology;

- The drawings on the left hand side depict plugs, chargers, plug-extensions and cables necessary to keep mobile phones going;

- The drawings are in transfer-pencil and the “Air Dough” is flattened to an almost paper thin look. Both techniques comment on how we use less and less paper and pencil the more mobile phones become part of our lives;

- The white colour of the works are to allow the mouldings to almost disappear, to be almost unnoticeable in the same way mobile phones are – they are there but they are so part of our lives that we don’t really notice them;

- The size of the works – not bigger than 20x20cm - is to give a sense of portability and lightness, a concept that goes in tandem with mobile phones themselves;

- The fact that the works can be reproduced but no work will be the same, due to the tiny imperfections of the process, is a comment on our need to customise our mass-produced mobile phones. 
20 x 20 cm -  pencil on Air Dough. Edition of 3
Mobile Phone I
Mobile Phone I
Mobile Phone II
Mobile Phone II

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