I’m mainly inspired by technology, language and time and how, on an anthropological level, these three concepts make who we are.

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Project Platform-Spring (video-still) 2016
Project Platform-Summer (video-still) 2016
Nautical Perspectives - English Channel Traffic 2016 
Nautical Perspectives - Shipping between 1750 and 1800, 2016
Plugs by the Window - the making of, 2015
Plugs by the Window, 2015 - 139ArtSpace, London
Plugs and Drawings - the making of, 2014 
Plugs and Drawings, 2014 - DialogArt, Viena
Swan Wharf - the making of, 2013
Swan Wharf, 2013 - Hackney WickEd Festival, London
Unsaved Drawing
Unsaved Drawing - video

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